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Main Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide

Here are some simple steps to get your Plexum powered business up and running. If you have any questions along the way, log into the Plexum Client Dashboard then submit a ticket.

First all, before you can start to use your system to recruits and make sales, it must first be configured, if you have not provide us with your configuration data, please STOP and do so at this point.  You can access your configuration form by going to, and then log into your account using the email and password assigned. Once you gain access to your account, click on WorkOrder, there you will find your pending work order for configuration.

Let's get Started…
You can get startup quickly and then builds upon your knowledge gradually, then you can add more features and function to your dashboard.

First, signup your first user, you can do this one of the these two ways, from your administrative dashboard or from the website signup form.  Adding users from the administrative side will not require you to provide payment details if your system is configured to charge for membership, however, it will prompt you to provide payment details on the website signup form end.

  • Sign-up users via dashboard: Click on the People link from the side menu, then "Add Account".
  • Sign-up users via website: Enter your website URL (i.e. into your address bar, once there, depending on the type of website you have, you will see a link for the sign-up form (Become a Rep, Sign-up, Join, etc…).

Upon successful sign-up of a user, the following will occur;

  1. Email notification sent to the user email address on file, with log-in details to the user dashboard and replicated website address.
  2. Replicated website is created, unless your system is configured to wait for administrators approval.
  3. User added to the genealogy.
  4. Billing is created -if applies
  5. Compensation created for the upline -if applies

As the administrator, you can access users details and log into users dashboard within your dashboard by clicking on "People" from the side menu.

Now that we have created our first user account successfully, the next step is to customer some settings on your system, from adding your logo to the dashboard to customizing email messages sent out of your system and adding your products in the store.

Next Steps

  1. Customize Dashboard
  2. Setup Company Information
  3. Configure Website
  4. Customize System E-mail Content
  5. Configure Tax Setting (with shopping cart enabled)
  6. Configure Shipping Setting (with shopping cart enabled)
  7. Configure Localization
  8. Setup Compensation Payout Options
  9. Configure & add items to Shopping cart (with shopping cart enabled)
  10. Setup Marketing Materials


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    Last updated Jul 04, 2020