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Main Administrative Functions Store Catalog Items


This page provides you summary and statistic of store item.

  • Turning On/Off Item visibility in the store: When an item is visible in the store, it will show a green button with "Item Visible In-Store," and if it's not visible, it will show a yellow button with "Item Not Visible In-Store."
  • Previewing Item Page: This will launch a page showing the item page in the store.
  • Delete Item: Click to delete an item from the store database, it is advisable not to remove an item that has been previously sold, instead turn off the item store visibility.



View item brief information, including SKU, Status, Delivery type, date last updated, etc..

New arrival status: This is where you can reset (New arrival status). When New arrival status is Off, the item will no longer be listed in the New arrival section of the store. Click the reset button to re-list items in the New arrival section in the store.


Purchase History

This section shows items statistics, buy count, month and year purchase total, and when last purchased date.


Managing Store Item Images

  • Listing Page Image: This image will be displayed on the item listing page.
  • Item Full Page Image: This image will be displayed on the item full description page.

If Listing Page Image is not present, Item Full Page Image will be displayed on the listing page and vice versa.

Additional images can be added to this item, click on the "Additional Images" tab to add more images. Also, each variant image will be displayed on the item page as well.



When you have a product that has different dimensions, colors, etc.., you should use Variants.  Use Varian...



    Last updated Mar 30, 2020