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Main Administrative Functions Store Catalog


This section explains how to manage your store categories and items, which also include inventories, etc..

  • Store Online Use this button to turn On and Off the store, when this button is deactivated, the store part of the website will go offline. You can edit the offline webpage by going to (Websites -> Manage Website), from the pages list, look for (Store offline) page and click on the edit button.
  • Visit Store Click this button to visit your online store.
  • Inline Items Editing When this button is activated, you will be able to edit limited data on your items without having to go into each and every item details, you can edit inline the following; Listed Yes/No, Item Label, Base price, and Primary Category.

Adding New Items
From the Item tab, click on the Add New Item button, then click here for instruction on item options.

Exporting Items
From the Item tab, click on the Export button, export item data is based on the currently listed items, you can do a search before you export item data as well.

Multiple items deletion
Use this feature to delete multiple items at once, Mass Delete button can be fund under Item tab, you can search for items to delete by item no. range, date range, and by categories.


This page provides you summary and statistic of store item. ...


View list of items that are running out of stock, you can easily manage and restock item inventory by accessing...


    Last updated Mar 30, 2020