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Plexum Software Installation Requirements

The following requirements must be met on the target web hosting service for Plexum installation. Most web hosting provider has these requirements already pre-installed. If you are unsure, please consult your web hosting provider for details on Plexum installation requirements.

Web Server Requirements
  • PHP 5.6 compiled with CURL, SPL extension (standard) and XML support
  • Zend Engine 2.2.0 or above
  • Zend Guard Loader
  • CURL extension, (mysql or mysqli) extension, XML extension and GD2 with freetype support
  • SSL-enabled Web Server for Auto-billing capability
  • FTP Access with full read/write file permissions.
  • MySQL 5 or above with Strict Mode disabled
  • Ability to run index.php as default index page.
  • Full execute, read and write permissions under document root directory for your domain account.
  • 50 Mb minimum of web space
  • Mail Program: Sendmail or SMTP (may require authentication access info)
  • Ability to run CronJob (not so required as Plexum have a built-In FakeCron), CronJob is highly preferred.
  • DNS Wildcard (Only required if you intend to use Sub-domain URLs, e.g.

For information on downloading and installing Zend Guard Loader, click on the link below:

Zend Optimizer and Zend Guard Loader:

MySQL Database Requirements
  • Recommend at least 100 Mb of hard-drive space.
  • Must have database Hostname, Database Name, Username, and Password.
  • The database user must have full privileges to (Lock/Unlock Tables, Read/Write, Table Alter, and Drop Tables).

The following must be disabled on the server if installed;

  • Opcache
  • Ioncube
  • Tidy


    Last updated Jul 04, 2020