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Site Replicator Design Guidelines

Here is the guidelines for website pages for integration into Plexum Replication system, these guidelines explains the dos and don'ts of preparing website pages and assets files to be imported into the replicator.
The Website Replicator requires that all pages of your website be designed as a static HTML which mean each page is physically uploaded to your website public document root directory (  All HTML pages should be on the same level not split into sub-directories.
Minimum Pages Required

  1. Home Page
  2. Sign-up Page (with a sample sign-up form fields)
  3. Success Page (Sign-up Page)

If your website require a store for your products, add (Store, Shop, etc...) to your website pages, we will replace the link with the actual store link.

Make sure all links on the pages linked with each other properly, images, .css and .js asset files also linked properly, any broken link will not be fixed by Plexum technician.
Web Forms

If your website contain web forms (e.g. contact forms, feedback forms, tell-a-friend forms etc...), please be sure to have these forms already designed and placed on the appropriate page. All you need on the page is just the form, Plexum technician will make the form work. Also make sure to create the success page for each form.
Storing Images, .css and .js files

All images and other asset files (e.g. .css, .js, etc...) should be uploaded to a folder of its own on under your public document directory.  Path to these asset files should be linked properly within the HTML pages.
    • Images:
    • .css:
    • .js:
Displaying Users Profile Data on each Page

You can display users profile data on any page (e.g. Name, email address, phone numbers, address, bio, etc...), simply place the following on the pages;  write in all CAPS (e.g. {FIRST & LAST NAME HERE}, {EMAIL ADDRESS HERE}, etc...). Our technician will replace it with the appropriate data tags.

  1. Avoid CMS type designed web themes; such as WordPress, Square Space, Drupal, Joomla, Wix..etc.  These are database driven websites -- HTML pages can not imported into the Plexum Website Replication System.
  2. Avoid Flash pages with website links embedded within the Flash movie itself. The reason for this is because, replication of pages need to dynamically changed and links within pages is unique to each user and Flash movie can't be edited dynamically.
  3. Avoid creating a store style website pages, Plexum software comes with its own pre-designed store pages.
  4. Avoid adding, editing or deleting files within the plexum directory (/plexum).
  5. Don't overwriting the following Plexum files (index.php, plexum.php, plexumcp.php, and plexum_setup.php).

Note: Please make sure all your pages are designed the way you would want it, any adjustment needed on the pages after implementation will attract additional charge - we charge $15 fee per incident.


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    Last updated Jul 04, 2020