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Main Administrative Functions Compensation

By Transaction / Individually Distributed

The aim of this article is to explain how to view/manage generated compensation either by transaction or individually distributed.

By Transaction
Complete compensation generated by transaction, this shows all commission in one place, this option easily shows the total amount paid to users and the transaction amount (i.e. Bonus Pool, Fast Start Bonus, Membership commission, Retail Sales commission, etc…). You can revoke single or all the compensation generated by the transaction. Also, Bonus Pool contributions from each transaction is displayed shown here as well.

Individually Distributed
View distributed compensation paid to a specific user from a transaction.

What you can do

  • Revoke Compensation: You can revoke compensation at any time, however, compensation that is already paid-out will create debit against pending compensation and if user do not have funds in their wallet, debit will be against any future compensation.
  • Process Compensation: Pending compensation is processed as a whole within (Wallet => Payout) area, however, you can manually process each compensation at any given time. Processed compensation are made ready for payout.
  • Delete Compensation: You can delete compensation, any processed compensation will not deduct funds from users wallet, processed compensation should be revoked first before deletion.

Cool-off Compensation option
Cool-off compensation will remain in pending status until the cool-off time pass, then it will be available for process and payout. Cool-off period is setup on compensation plan.


    Last updated Nov 07, 2016