Plexum Basic

Site Replication + Commission Engine

$99.95 Monthly Subscription +
$399.00 Activation Fee

Plexum 8 Basic has a shopping cart peplicator with integrated commission engine allows you to create a great shopping experience and automatically replicated it for your Users (e.i. consultants, affliliates, IBOs... etc.) You can add custom pages to the shopping cart, use variables like !FNAME! and !LNAME! to create personalized web pages for each User.

Easily grow your business with the rapid speed on the Internet. All-in-one marketing system helps you attract new leads, automate follow-up and convert leads into customers - customers into advocates. Our system is versatile enough to replicate personalized web pages, track and pay up to 3 levels of commissions, build and promote your MLM e-commerce business.

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  • Popular Features:

    • 1000 User License
    • Uni-Level
    • Replicator (Cart only)
    • 60 Premium Support Credits