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Expand your business! Plexum 8 has everything you need to rapidly grow your marketshare. It's an affordable and fully integrated marketing solution; Include a Site Replicator, MLM Compensation Engine, Virtual Party Plan, Auto-Responder System, Shopping Cart and more...

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Gear Up Your Business for Success

Endless possibilities! Expand the reach of your business, build a team of advocates and provide a responsive Online marketing and commerce platform. Arm them with a robust integrated referral tracking commission system then watch your business grow!

Cloud-Based MLM Software for Direct Sales Companies

System Features

User License (Unlimited)

No per user (distributor) fee.

Genealogy (Multiple)

Support Uni-level, Forced Matrix and Australian X-UP.

20+ Payment Gateway Supported

Accept online payments for membership and retail sales transactions.


Automatically send a single e-mail response triggered by a submitting form, customer purchases and recruiting activities.

Social Connect Tools

Implement an internal social network within the Back Office to help promote sales, training and foster a positive community..

Staff Accounts (Unlimited)

No per admin and staff fee.

Broadcast Mailer

Mass mail distributors and retail customers.

Advanced Data Exchange

Pass distributor and customer data to third party software.

Compensation Engine

Track sales activities, build genealogies, and pay a variety of compensations.

This software was a critical stepping stone to the successful launch of a different kind of staffing company.

-- Johnny L. CEO & Founder - Medical Staffing Company

Website Replication

Site Replicator

Automatically replicator website(s) for distributors. Provide is free and on subscription.

Content Blocks

Display custom content on webpages based on certain variables.

Personalization Tags

Use distributor data to further personalize webpages.

Marketing Toolbox

Provide pre-approved banners, e-mail content..etc your distributor's can use for their online marketing efforts.

Basic CMS

Display custom content on webpages based on time and/or distributor's rank.

Traffic Analytics

Distributors has access to website tracking analytics for their personal replicated site(s).

Custom Tracking URLs

Generate assigned site ids or allow distributor's to customize it.

Social Sharing

Use social media icons on replicated websites.

This software provided us with powerful replicated website and tools that empowered our rep's success. I typically like how we can provide a fully PC to Mobile experience to our customers.

-- Bishop Clarence D. - Hope Church Vacation Club

Shopping Cart

Cart Replication

Replicate cart pages for each distributor.

Coupon Codes

Create coupon code to incentivizes buyers.

10+ Payment Gateway Supported

Easily accept credit cards online.

Discount Engine

Provide discounts to loyal customers and distributors.

Gift Card / Gift Certificate

Sell Gift Cards to customer to share with friends and families for future purchase.

Inventory Management

Save valuable time on manual inventory tracking, keeping track of the number of products and variants in stock is done automatically for you.

Responsive Design

Be accessible on all device screen sizes from desktops to mobile..

Autoship / Subscriptions

Recurring billing for autoships and subscriptions.

Sell Membership Content

Sale secure membership content.

Web Analytics

Distributors have access to vital web analytics.

Virtual Party Plan (Optional)

Includes a set of advanced consultant tools designed to help track and boost sales and accurately manage their commissions. More Info...

Shopping cart with an integrated MLM compensation engine was the best discovery we could have made. It helped us fully automate our eccommerce experience for our distributors and our retail customers

-- Alicia PG VP of Marketing - Candle Company

Compensation Engine

Retail Commissions

Trigger a commission to a distributor when their customers make a shopping cart purchase.

Membership Commissions

Trigger a commission to a sponsor when a distributor pay a recurring membership subscription.

Multi-Level Payout

Pay on multiple levels of commissions to distributors. Multiple levels of compensation can be applied to retail, membership, and other types of transactions and/or qualifying actions.

Incentives & Reward

Reward one or more distributors for achieving sales or recruiting milestones.

Recruitment Commissions

Trigger commissions to distributor(s) for new distributor(S) signups.

Split Commissions

Both original referrer and current referrer will share commissions from an associated customer purchase.

Personal Recruits Achieved Bonus

Pay bonus(es) triggered by recruitment milestone.

Recruits Per Level Bonus

Pay bonus(es) triggered by number of people on specific level of the genealogy when it's reached.

Cash Bonus per Item Purchased

Set bonus payout on specific product(s) to incentive distributor to focus their sales activities.

Instant Sign-Up Bonus

Pay the new recruit a signing bonus. This will help encourage new signups.

Depth Bonus

Pay this compensation when a specified number of distributors are reached in a specified level in the network.

Customer Acquisition Bonus

Pay this compensation every time a distributor makes a sale to a new customer. Incentive distributors to find new customers.

Markup Price Compensation

Distributors are allowed to set markup price on each item in the shopping cart. Distributor and company share predetermine split of the profits.

Matching Bonus

When a distributor earns a commission pay the distributor's direct sponsor a bonus equal to their earned commissions.

Bonus Pool

Set a portion of revenues into a bonus pool. Spread payout of bonus pool based on distributor's rank achievements.

Leadership Bonus

Pay additional bonus to upline distributors when they reach a specific rank. Optional Roll-Up is available.

Party Host/Hostess Rewards

Reward a customer who host on virtual party and achieved a specified sales goal.

Fast Start Bonus

Pay this compensation when a distributor has help their recruits achieve specific activity goal.

Wallet System

Allow distributors to track status of their commissions, use it for internal transactions, store purchases and more.

Infinity Bonus

Pay a bonus spread along a line of leadership ranks upline in the genealogy. If any of the upline ranks do not qualify the bonus paid to the next qualified rank.

Negotiator Bonus

A distributor creates or negotiates a product the company can sell. You can reward this distributor an additional bonus each time this item is purchased from the shopping cart.

Performance Reward

Pay rewards to distributor for achieving specific milestones. Custom Reward Options: Cash bonus, store credit, product, car, house, vacations...etc.

Having a multitude of compensation options help us motivate and incentivize our distributors is absolutely amazing. It essentially put our marketing efforts on autopilot.

-- Barbara P. CEO & Founder - Health & Nutrition Company

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