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General FAQs

Built to Accelerate Your Business Growth & Profits. Our software can support many different kinds of businesses in various industries.

Health & Nutrition Companies  
CBD Companies  
Candle Shops  
Specialty Items Shops  
Membership Service Companies  
Insurance Agencies  
Home Services Companies  
Various Retail Shops  
Coffee Companies  
Charity Organizations  
Beauty & Hair Extension companies  
Erotic Toys companies  
Travel & Discounted Vacation companies  
Online Schools  
and more...

Very Important: No! Any website built using any kind of online site builder will not work with our replicator. Only HTML files can be imported into the site replicator. The replicator does support most asset files such as CSS, JavaScripts, HTML5, embedded video players, and Ajax. Knowledge of HTML coding is recommended when creating pages or importing pages in to the site replicator. Please review our Site Replication Design Guideline

HECK NO! Although we still reserve the right to change our pricing policy at anytime. Plexum charges a fixed monthly software license & optional hosting fee. We think it is wrong, punitive and costly to charge transaction fees, per user fees, or impose order volume limits. We are committed to offering the most affordable & feature-rich MLM software in the industry.

Most companies usually can get launch within 30-60 days, it entirely depends on how quickly your staff can get up to speed on getting familiar with the software. If you use Plexum Rapid Deployment Services, our Gurus usually can have the software installed, configured, and ready for launch within 10-15 business days.

eSelect Plus
Network Merchants
Sage Payment Solutions
Global Payroll Gateway
Allied Wallet
SolidTrust Pay
ProPay (Credit Card Processing)

If you have a specific gateway that is not on this list - we may be able to add it for an additional cost.

Important: Our Plexum-Optimized hosting and servers are surely a smart choice for serious business builders looking for a fast, reliable, and convenient hosted solution. If you're serious about rapidly growing your business you will need a server that can handle the Explosion with no down time or problems, period. You need an optimized and robust server with highly trained technicians to keep it running 24/7.

Please note: Free or cheap hosting is highly discouraged, because of the resources our software requires the likelihood of downtime is dramatically increased. When a free or cheap hosted website goes down it could potentially cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in losses. .

Yes! The following server requirements must be met on the target web hosting service to install Plexum software. Most web hosting provider have these requirements already pre-installed. If you are unsure, please consult with your web hosting provider for details. Click here to view Server Requirements.

Today more companies are adopting the subscription model.

Purchase Model: Purchased software doesn't include any future features aka rolling software updates within the same version. To get new features buyers would have to wait until the next version release to purchase it.

Subscription Model: Get new software features more frequently within the same version. When major new versions become available you can upgrade at no additional cost. Subscription is also easier to fit into a company's budget.

yes, purchase price for Plexum ranges from $10,000.00 to $50,000.00. If you're interested in purchasing the software please call the sales department.

It's Simple! You can upgrade Plexum at anytime without downtime and no loss of data. Please keep in mind the software version you select may or may not meet the requirements of your business model; such as features, rank qualifications, activity triggers, commission instructions and/or compensation structure. To upgrade to select the Plexum Version and pay the difference on the activation fee and monthly subscription.

Plexum 8 is developed on a responsive web framework. Your distributors can access their dashboard and your customers can shop on any size device which it is being viewed. Delivering the same comfort and usability to the mobile user as to the desktop user.

Absolutely! We provide a 30-days trial. Click on the button below to immediately activate your complementary trial software on our powerful cloud hosting platform.

Activation fee and monthly subscription is not due until after the 30-days trial ends.

Risk-Free Trial - Cancel Anytime!
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Autoresponder: Automatically send a single e-mail response triggered by an activity. You can only setup a single autoresponse for specific activity (a single e-mail response letter).

E-mail Marketing System: More powerful than an Autoresponder! Automatically send multiple time scheduled e-mail responses triggered by an activity. You can setup multiple campaigns each with multiple time-release e-mail letters for various activities.

Custom Programming & Extensibility FAQs

Programming cost will vary per project. Once the development team review APIs and/or project scope then we can determine cost of development. With that said, a typical custom development project start with a budget of $2,500.00 or more.

No! The software does not have formal APIs at this time. However, it does have a feature called ADE (Advance Data Exchange). ADE will allow you to pass data between Plexum and third party software via URL string (get/post calls).

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