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    Plexum 8.0
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e-Commerce, Direct Sales & MLM Software SolutionEasily Grow, Track, and Manage Referrals and Sales.

Want more traffic? leads? results? automation? Get Plexum!
Fully Integrated MLM Software Solution for Direct Selling Companies
Replicated Website, Shopping Cart, MLM Compensation Engine, and Much More...

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Cloud-Based MLM Software

Admin & Member Dashboard

NO PER MEMBER COST! Designed to offer simple to understand data associated with genealogy, sales and commission tracking.

MLM Centric Shopping Cart

A complete integrated shopping cart with unique features designed to benefit and encourage referral and social activities.

Compensation Structure

Automatically track sales activities, sales purchases and pay commission through a hierarchy referral system.

E-mail Marketing / Auto-Responder

E-mail Marketing features integrated throughout the entire software including our shopping cart to simplify follow-ups.

Virtual & Home Party Plan

Help people friends introduce and recommend their friends & family to the company's products. Essentially increasing sales.

Site Replication

Instantly provide replicated sales website to your members. Fail-proof URL tracking for each member.

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Social Engine

Network Marketing aka MLM companies have been using social marketing techniques to build their businesses for decades. So we believe building social networking tools into our software is a natural fit.

As your reps recruit people into their sales organization they automatically build their circle of friends. Friends can share business building tools, techniques, and strategies. People helping people ignites growth!