Plexum 8 Replicator

Site Replication

Site Replicator allows you to create a single website to be automatically replicated sites for Users. You can create web pages, using variables like !FNAME! and !LNAME!, then Plexum Replicator will create personalized web pages for each User.

Easily grow your business with the rapid speed on the Internet. All-in-one marketing system helps you attract new leads, automate follow-up and convert leads into customers or distributors. Our system is versatile enough to replicate lead capture pages, squeeze pages or use as membership system.

$59.95 Monthly Subscription +
$299.00 Setup Fee
  • Popular Features:

    • 1000 User License
    • Site Replicator (Single Site)
    • 60 Premium Support Credits

System Features
User License (1000)
20+ Payment Gateway Supported
Admin Back Office
Staff Accounts
User Back Office
Website Replicator
Broadcast Mailer
Software Update System

Website Replicator Features
Replicator (Single Site)
Content Blocks
Form Builder (Single Form)
Tell-a-Friend Form (Single)
Add Links & Pages
Dynamic Field Tags
Traffic Stats

Frequently Asked Questions

NO HIDDEN COST! Although we still reserve the right to change our pricing policy at anytime, our software prices as posted on this website reflex our commitment to provide the most affordable & feature-rich MLM software at low prices. Our clients appreciate the fact that we do not have hidden per User costs.

YES, YOU CAN! You can upgrade Plexum at anytime without downtime and no loss of data. Please keep in mind the software version you select may or may not meet the requirements of your business model; such as features, rank qualifications, activity triggers, commission instructions and/or compensation structure.

Most companies usually can get launch within 30-60 days, it entirely dependents on how quickly your staff can get up to speed on getting familiar with the software. If you use Plexum Rapid Deployment Services, our Gurus usually can have the software installed, configured, and ready for launch within 10-15 days.

Important: Our Plexus-Optimized hosting and servers are surely a smart choice for serious business builders looking for a fast, reliable, and convenient hosted solution. If you're serious about rapidly growing your business you will need a server that can handle the Explosion with no down time or problems, period. You need an optimized and robust server with highly trained technicians to keep it running 24/7.

Please note: Free or cheap hosting is highly discouraged, because of the resources our software requires the likelihood of downtime is dramatically increased. When a free or cheap hosted website goes down it could potentially cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in losses. .

Very Important: No! Any website built using any kind of online site builder probably will not work. Only HTML pages can be imported into the site replicator. The replicator does support most asset files such as CSS, JavaScripts, HTML5, embedded video players, and Ajax. Knowledge of HTML coding is recommended when creating pages or importing pages in to the site replicator. Please review our Site Replication Design Guideline

Admin Back Office

Click to Login - (Administration Back Office)
Username: demo
Password: demo

User Back Office

Moses Demo - Click to Login
Username: moses
Password: demo

John Demo - Click to Login
Username: john
Password: demo

Sample Replicated Websites

Moses's Replicated Website - (
Click to view website

John's Replicated Website - (
Click to view website

Mary's Replicated Website - (
Click to view website

15-Day Free Trial

If you have your own servers we invite you to download the Plexum software and give it a try for 15 days. No credit card required! Simply download the software by clicking the link below and install it on your hosting server.

Plexum 8 Professional - [ Download Software ]

Have you ever been lured into buying a product based upon lofty promises, only to be disappointed by what was REALLY delivered?

You don't have to worry about that with PLEXUM - which is why we make this guarantee:

  • Installs in minutes
  • Test drive all modules during the trial period
  • Try it out for 15 days with no obligations
  • No Payment or Credit Card required
  • When you decide Plexum is the right solution for your business, you simply buy or lease it and your configuration and data stays intact
  • No new installation or reconfiguration is needed. The software update engine will automatically update your database and file to a licensed version

The following requirements must be met on the target web hosting service for Plexum installation. Most web hosting provider have these requirements already pre-installed. If you are unsure, please consult your web hosting provider for details on Plexum installation requirements.

Web Server Requirements
  • PHP 5.2 or above compiled with CURL, SPL extension (standard) and XML support
  • Zend Engine 2.2.0 or above
  • Zend Optimizer, Zend Guard Loader or ionCube Loader 4+
  • CURL extension, (mysql or mysqli) extension, XML extension and GD2 with freetype support
  • SSL-enabled Web Server for Auto-billing capability
  • FTP Access with full read/write file permissions.
  • MySQL 4 or above
  • Ability to run index.php as default index page.
  • Full execute, read and write permissions under document root directory for your domain account.
  • 50 Mb minimum of web space
  • Mail Program: Sendmail or SMTP (may require authentication access info)
  • Ability to run CronJob (not so required as Plexum have a built-In FakeCron), CronJob is highly preferred.
  • DNS Wildcard (Only required if you intend to use Sub-domain URLs, e.g.

For information on downloading and installing Zend Optimizer, Zend Guard Loader, and ionCube, click on the link below:

Zend Optimizer and Zend Guard Loader:
ionCube Loader:

MySQL Database Requirements
  • Recommend at least 20 Mb of hard-drive space.
  • Must have database Hostname, Database Name, Username and Password.
  • The database user must have full privileges to (Lock/Unlock Tables, Read/Write, Table Alter, and Drop Tables).