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Plexum 8 Features


The most popular genealogy structure in the MLM / Network Marketing industry. Build and setup compensation on unlimited width and a pre-determined depth.


This MLM / Network Marketing genealogy structure allow you to determine the size of a genealogy. You determine the width and depth of the genealogy structure a.k.a. Forced Matrix


This MLM / Network Marketing structure is based on the hierarchical organization tree (tracking of two side of the genealogy, the left side and the right side). Compensation is paid out based on the balanced sales volume on both legs.

Virtual Party Plan

Virutal Party Plan compliments any of the MLM / Network Marketing genealogy structures in combination with the shopping cart. It leverages easy to use ecommerce tools to help friends introduce and recommend their friends & family to the company's products. Essentially increasing sales.

MLM Centric Shopping Cart

Smart Cart offers a complete e-commerce solution with auto-responders, marketing tools, integrates directly into the MLM / Network Marketing commission engine and flexible checkout options.

E-mail Marketing / Auto-Responder

Smart Campaign integrates an E-mail Marketing System throughout the entire MLM / Network Marketing platform including our Smart Cart to simplify follow-ups.

Advanced Admin Back Office

Provide a simple view into business. Designed to offer control of your data associated with genealogy, sales and commission tracking. Easy, yet powerful, management dashboard.

User-Friendly Member Back Office

Provide IBOs with a simple view into their business. Designed to offer simple to understand data associated with genealogy, sales and commission tracking.

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Instantly provide replicated website to your members. Fail-proof URL tracking for each member.
Action triggers allow you to reward cash bonuses and other incentives to IBOs for various accomplishments.
Authorize.Net LinkPoint
PayPal WorldPay
Payza BluePay
Networks Merchants Verisign Payflow Pro
Offer products and/or subscriptions on standing order with an automatic recurring payment.
100% Web-Based MLM Software. Operated your entire business in the cloud. Plexum was specially designed to expand, using cloud services, as your MLM business grows.